Flat Photography

When taking still photos our experienced photographers use professional grade full frame DSLR cameras with wide angle lenses to highlight all features giving that ‘magazine’ shot that will enhance any space.

Day Photos – $150 for 10 still shots ($10 per additional photo)
Twilight Photos – $100 for 5 still shots ($10 per additional photo)

Special rates when packaged with a Matterport 3D Walkthrough.

Prepare Your Property for Flat Photography

Still shots are often a person’s first impression of a space. Staging and prepping a facility in advance is a crucial step in making sure you see quality results.

Every property and business is different, so not all preparation will be the same. However, there are a few universal tips to consider before a VIP specialist arrives on site.

Exterior – Landscaping:

-remove all vehicles out of sight
-remove all trash cans out of sight
-Store away any gardening tools, hoses, etc.
-mow the lawn
-Consider giving your landscaping a facelift. I.e. pulling weeds, plant new flowers, lay fresh mulch, etc.

Interior – Declutter:

-Clear tables, counter tops, and desks of any personal items. i.e. mail, magazines, post-it-notes, etc.
-Hide and store away cords and wires
-Store away clothing or shoes that are present throughout the home, even bedrooms and laundry rooms.
-Store away bathroom toiletries and accessories. i.e. mats, towels, shampoos, loofahs, etc.

Throughly Clean Top to Bottom:

-Dust all surfaces I.e. blinds, ceiling fans. décor, etc.
-Clean all windows (inside and out)
-Have carpets professionally cleaned

Check Lights and all Amenities:

-Replace flickering or burnt out bulbs
-Make sure all bulbs are the same shade
-Turn off all fans
-Turn on fireplace, outdoor lighting or water feature

Close off Common Areas (i.e. hotels, apartments, restaurants, and venues)

-Send notices to residents or guest that some common areas will be temporarily closed.
-Post signs so people know not to enter
-Ask apartment tenants to clear balconies and patios of clutter.
-Schedule 3D tour early in the morning before opening

Please note: For your privacy, remove any family photos that you would not want in the field of view, as our system can not always blur out faces.

VIP specialist are not responsible in helping or suggesting any of the tips listed above.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in preparing your space!

VIP understands that things don’t always go as planned. If you need to reschedule please give us a 24 hr. advance so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. We will be more than happy to accommodate. A cancelation fee may be incurred in extreme circumstances.